Hot! Is there such a thing as a Good Recruitment Agency?

Useless Recruitment Agencies

Over the years I have dealt with many, many employment agencies and whilst there are some good ones out there I have come to the conclusion that those are few and far between. You know when you go to the supermarket and the checkout person asks “Do you need help packing?” the moment you say no they propel items through with what seems like superhuman speed and you’re soon under a mountain of cornflakes and Andrex. I’ve always assumed there is some special training centre they all attend to learn this skill. It’s the same with recruitment agents. There must be a mandatory training course which teaches you to ignore those you chased the previous week for their cv and then forget about them once unsuccessful. Forgive me for being cynical but anyone would think these agents are only interested in you when they smell a commission. I have had so many Agents call me up telling me how ideal I am for the role they have and am I interested in being put forward for it, only to then never hear from them again despite trying to get some feedback on why I was unsuccessful. They seem to have an uncanny knack of ignoring emails too! I feel there is a serious need for a website which publicly rates these recruitment agents as it’s the only way they are going to change their ways.

Whilst I appreciate that Recruitment Agencies will receive hundreds of applications for every vacancy I don’t really care. If your going to offer a service then you should do it properly. Half the time they don’t even understand the role they are calling you about or have even read you’re cv. They put a keyword in their database and then assume that as you have that keyword in your cv then you’re suitable. This is neither helpful to the job seeker or to the company looking for staff. I had an example of that where my cv includes the acronym CFD which in my case refers to a financial product called a ‘contract for difference’ as I am from a financial background and if you read my cv it would be clear. This didn’t stop an agency recently calling me saying they had an ideal position for me as a Thermal designer in stockholm dealing with CFD. A Thermal designer it turns out is someone who can indeed deal with CFDs but in this instance CFD stands for ‘Computational fluid dynamics’ which deals with the flow of fluids. My cv however deals with the other CFDs and trading, where the only flow of fluids involved occur in a pub. So it appeared to me that the agent had not even glanced at my cv.

I’ve worked in many areas of the financial markets and I.T. and dealt with many Recruitment Agents over the years and have come to the conclusion I could run a better agency than most of them put together. Unfortunately most financial companies have their preferred suppliers so it’s a bit of a closed shop otherwise I would be sorely tempted to compete!



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