Hot! Parent and Child Parking Spaces

parent and child parking

Parent and child parking spaces are something most people don’t care about unless they are parents themselves. As this photo shows people generall take no notice of these spaces and supermarkets and the like don’t enforce them in any way. So I have a suggestion for Any supermarkets or shopping centres who are planning to build new premises with parking. Put the Parent and child parking spaces as far away from the store entrance as this will deter a large proportion of non parents from parking in the spaces. Parent are not handicapped, we just need enough space to fully open our car doors to get our children in and out of their car seats easily. As long as there are trolleys nearby we have no issue walking a bit further across the car park. You will still get arrogant tossers with flashy cars parking in these and disabled spaces so no one scratches their prized posession, but it will greatly reduce the problem. Can I also point out that the spaces are for children in car seats and not your 32 year old child who still lives at home.



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