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Pet Shop Boys - FormatPet Shop Boys – Format

Spanning nearly 13 years, Format brings us 38 tracks of essential B sides covering from 1996 to 2009. Format is a follow up to their 1995 “Alternative” album which was a 2 disc 30 track album of B sides. There are tracks on here which you will think should of been A side releases nut the rest are B sides well worth listening to. The Pet Shop Boys are from an era where B sides mattered and weren’t just padding out the single release with a few duff remixes.

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     1. The Truck Driver And His Mate
     2. Hit And Miss
     3. In The Night
     4. Betrayed
     5. How I Learned To Hate Rock-And-Roll
     6. Discoteca
     7. The Calm Before The Storm
     8. Confidential (Demo For Tina Turner)
     9. The Boy Who Couldn’t Keep His Clothes On
    10. Delusions Of Grandeur
    11. The View From Your Balcony
    12. Disco Potential
    13. Silver Age
    14. Screaming
    15. The Ghost Of Myself
    16. Casting A Shadow
    17. Lies
    18. Sexy Northerner



     1. Always
     2. Nightlife
     3. Searching For The Face Of Jesus
     4. Between Two Islands
     5. Friendly Fire
     6. We’re The Pet Shop Boys
     7. Transparent
     8. I Didn’t Get Where I Am Today
     9. The Resurrectionist
    10. Girls Don’t Cry
    11. In Private
    12. Blue On Blue
    13. No Time For Tears
    14. Bright Young Things
    15. Party Song
    16. We’re All Criminals Now
    17. Gin And Jag
    18. After The Event
    19. The Former Enfant Terrible
    20. Up And Down






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