Hot! Self Service Checkouts – Good or Bad?

Self Service CheckoutSelf Service Checkouts. Are they a piece of clever technology? or the Work of an axis of evil intent on driving this nation to despair? I’m of the opinion it’s the latter. I don’t think there has been one occassion where I have successfully traversed one of these machines without needing a store-persons assistance. Today I used one stupidly thinking it would be quicker than waiting for a manned checkout, but no!. I was feeling rather confident as I had the grand total of one rhubarb yogurt to process, surely there was nothing that could go wrong?, bag was ready in the bagging area? check. barcode was clear and flat? check, Machine was sitting ready for next victim, I mean customer? check. So Houston we are ready for liftoff, we are go for swiping, yogurt swiped……………..PLEASE WAIT FOR ASISTANCE. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

I cannot believe that the technology can be flawed when it’s in every major supermarket so can only come to the conclusion that there is a secret organisation of checkout staff who have infiltrated the technology, with an aim of ensuring that manual checkout staff are not replaced by these machines. Rest assured your espionage is working and your jobs are safe! We just need to develop a device that stop them throwing our shopping along the checkout at breakneck speeds.






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