Hot! Ten More Things to Watch on You Tube

More classic videos from You Tube/ Makes sure you have sound.

Lightning Bolt! – If you thought people that played online role playing games such as World of Warcraft sad, take a look at this! Had me in stiches. I now want Lighning Bolt as my ringtone, Make sure you have sound on.


1 legged Latin Dancer – I can’t dance this well and I have Two legs! although both feet are left.


Wooden Spoon Prank – This guy just can’t work out what ius going on. Hilarious. 


Scary Clown Prank on Girlfriend – This guy decided to play a prank on his girlfriend when she returned from a night out. Not sure if they are still together!


Ultimate Dog Tease – Meet Clark the talking Dog.


Get smoke like that blunt – Evidence that smoking funny cigarettes is bad for you and not great for song writing.


Shampoo Prank – Just wash n Go.


massive climb up antenna station – Imagine getting to the top and finding you’ve forgotten your screwdriver or worse it’s the other tower you wanted!


French Farmer Fight – This is a remake of the original clip which showed French Farmers arguing about a right of way and resorting to fighting each other with long sticks.


Talking Twin Babies – I totally agree with what the one on the left is saying but not the one on the right.





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