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Banksy Stained Window


Stained Window by Banksy. Created with the help of students from the City of Angels school in Los Angeles.

Below are Ten Things by banksy which we think are worth seeing.

Banksy vs Robbo

Banksy Vs Robbo – Regents Canal, Camden, London.

Grafitti legend Robbo painted an original piece here in 1985 called Robbo Incorporated which was one of the longest surviving street pieces in london. That was until Banksy broke an unwritten graffiti code and painted over the top of it. This caused a lot of tension on both sides and the start of tit for tat improvements to each others works began. There has reportedly been a long running feud since the pair met at a party in the 90’s and robbo allegedly slapped Banksy after claiming of having never heard of robbo when introduced. After Banksy painted over the piece fans took sides and became either Team Banksy or Team Robbo. Banksy has said that the piece had been defaced multiple times before he painted over it. Robbo never got the chance to have the last word though as he was allegedly attacked in the street and put into a coma after receiving head injuries in April 2011.


Banksy Choose Your Weapon

Banksy-Choose Your Weapon

Painted on The Grange in Southwark, South East London SE1 in 2010 and features a hoodie and a dog in hommage to artist Keith Herring. Released as a limited edition print in December 2010 and available in 18 colourways.

Banksy Nola

Banksy – Nola

One of several Banksy’s that appeared in New Orleans to commemorate the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in 2008. The above image is of the Nola print which was released and is one of the most popular Banksy prints of recent years. There were some prints released with different colour rain.


Banksy monkey parliament

Banksy – Monkey Parliament

Appeared in Banksys 2009 show at The Bristol Museum called Banksy vs Bristol Museum and was available as a poster from the museum shop.


Banksy Maid

Banksy – Maid

Painted near the Roundhouse on Chalk Farm Road in NW London.


Banksy Very Little Helps

Banksy – Very Little Helps

Painted on the side of a chemist on the Essex Road in Islington, North London, Children pledging allegiance to tesco. Released as a limited edition print in 2008.


Banksy Jet Wash

Banksy – Cave Grafitti Removal

One of the pieces created by Banksy at the Cans Festival in 2008. It was held in an abandoned tunnel at Leake Street near Waterloo Station. 39 artists we’re invited by Banksy to paint pieces in the tunnel including Blek Le Rat, Vhils and Faile for the 3 day festival in May 2008.


Banksy No Ball Games

Banksy – No Ball Games

Appeared on Tottenham Green Road N15 in September 2009 and released as a print at the end of 2009. This image has had a few variations on canvas, with the first appearing in Banksy’s 2006 Barely Legal show in LA. The sign was a TV in the original canvas. The print was released with either a green or grey background.


Banksy Boxhead

Banksy – Boxhead

Appeared on the side of the Grosvenor Hotel in Torquay in October 2010. Banksy used an airconditioning unit as his inspiration for the piece and it’s become quite a tourist attraction for the hotel and Torquay. The Hotel owners covered the piece in perspex after it was identified as being by Banksy.


Banksy Stained Glass

Banksy – Stained Window

Displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles as part of their Graffiti and Street Art exhibition. Banksy allegedly created the piece with a group of LA art students taking three or four days to complete.



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