Hot! Ten Things you should watch on You Tube

Here’s a selection of classic you tube videos which have amassed millions of worldwide views. In no particular order…..and make sure you have sound on.

Keyboard Cat– Started off as a funny video of a cat playing a keyboard but was then tagged on the end to epic fail videos across You Tube. You would see the cat poised to play, the epic fail would occur and cue keyboard cat to play off the video. Search for ‘epic fail keyboard cat’ or ‘play him off’ and you will see lots of videos featuring Keyboard Cat.


Cassetteboy vs The Bloody Apprentice – Cassetteboy takes clips of well known tv programmes and splices them up to form versions you wouldn’t see on tv, and this is our favourite. Make sure you watch the whole thing which must of taken forever to make.


Snatch Wars (Snatch Vs Star Wars) – A mashup of audio from the movie Snatch and the video from Star Wars. Contains swearing as expected where Brick Vader is involved.


A Little bit Choppy – CCTV footage taken from a cruise liner called the Pacific Sun which encounters some less than calm seas.


Handwash Urinal – Epic Fail! Dutch tv crew attending a music festival inspect the facilities on offer when…….


Columbian Military Epic Fail – Here we see the elite Columbian military displaying their Mortar Skills.


Star Wars Kid Drunken Jedi РThis is a remix of the original classic Star Wars Kid. Star Wars kid was a canadian student who decided to video himself playing Jedi with a golf ball retriever. The original went viral and spawned this classic which had at least ten times the amount of views.


Voodoo Church Remix –¬† What can we say? err, Take a church and add some Drum N Bass.


Pilot Fainting Prank – How to lose friends and probably stop them from ever getting on a plane again.


Classic Kamara – Chris Kamara reporting on Portsmouth V Blackburn for Sky sports and giving his in depth analysis.




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