Hot! Tesco Clubcard Credit Card Annoyance

Tesco Clubcard credit cardI have a Tesco clubcard credit card and face a monthly ordeal of trying to meet the monthly payment deadline. No, i’m luckily not struggling to find the money to pay my bill i’m just struggling to physically make the payment via their totally useless automated phone system. You call the automated service and are greeted by their multitude of options, you know the type – press 1 if you would like to listen to another menu, press 2 if you would like to be cut off, press 3 listen to some naff music!. Well I enter my 16 digit card number followed by numerous other answers and then instead of being able to pay my bill I get diverted to a customer services representative who says “Hello can I take your card number and ask you some security questions?” Aaaaargh! what the ones i’ve just spent 10 minutes typing in? It’s been like this for over 6 months now where it will divert after asking me where the letter R is in my mothers maiden name and each time the customer services agent tells me it’s being fixed. How long does it take! further more Tesco are one of these many companies that make it difficult to complain. There is no email address published that you can send complaints to (at least not that I could find!) and when i’ve tried to telephone I then get stuck on hold again, which is the last thing you want having just wasted your time on their automated system. You could ask your self if there is a reason for them to make it so difficult to pay your bill and cynically answer yes, because they can then charge you more interest. Anyway I thought i’d post this rant rather than wasting a stamp writing to them as I’m sure i’m not alone. But rest assured I will be switching to another credit card company rather than endure the monthly hassle of trying to pay Tesco finance.



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